When could I start eating regular foods with braces?

I just got braces the day before yesterday and I wonder when can I start eating regular food such as rice meat(chicken, steak ect.)and beans,pizza,mc donalds,and chinese food? Please help

Answer #1

I’ve got braces and it too me like 2 days before I could propely eat stuff.

Answer #2

As the person before me said, when your pain level allows you too.

There are certain foods you shouldn’t eat at all with braces, like candy apples. Or other things that are extremely sticky/hard and can pop the front braces off.

Though you’ll get used to them with time and be able to eat basically anything.

What I lived off of when I first got braces (and whenever I got them tightened) was good ole mashed potatoes and gravy.

You could also try oatmeal, soups, ice cream is always good, beans, lasagna..

Answer #3

You can start eating them anytime. I got my braces in February it took me about a month to be COMFORTABLE eating solid foods. I did not want to because it hurt me so much the first 2 weeks. I ate baby food, smoothies, cold mashed potatoes, apple sauce things like that. I only ate the fruit baby food. That creamy chicken gravy kind of nasty baby food DO NOT EAT!!! I warned u!!! And after you get your braces tightened, it feels like when you first got them. They loosen up in like 2 days (or supposed to). I got mine tightened today at (or yesterday lol it’s midnight) around 12. All I had after that was a baby food little thing of bananas and strawberries. Sorry it will take a while. I think if you eat it carefully, you can have rice. I wouldn’t try. So sorry. I’m not completely used to mine and I’ve had mine for almost 2 months!!! Ugh! Hope I helped!:_-((

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