What foods can I eat with braces?

Ok so I just got braces yesterday and I have no idea what foods to eat wit my teeth still sore!!! Please help me!!! =]

Answer #1

I just got mine and my teeth can even touch eachother with out it hurting so eat apple sause it wored for me

Answer #2

whatever the hell you want… I had braces, I ate everything… I mean, yea a few brackets broke… but they just fix it at your next apt… no biggy.

Answer #3

I had braces from when I was 8 till I was 13 and its pretty easy, you can eat whatever you want but just be careful with popcorn seeds, and if you eat apples cut them up. just don’t eat corn on the cob, ice isn’t a good idea but its not too hard.

Answer #4

well, your mouth probably hurts so bad now have mashed ‘taters but you can basically eat anything once they stop hurting. you should probably not chew gum even though I do. well, you may also want to take the corn off the cobb and apples into smaller pieces.

Answer #5

applesauce, mashed potatoes…stuff like that.

chew sugar free to get the lactic acid out of your muscles (that’s what makes you sore) and stay on ibuprofen for two days or until the pain is mostly gone. that will help a lot. and remember: fluids are your friend!

Answer #6

to tell you the truth… all the ortho tells you is B.S. as long as it doesn’t hurt to eat it, it’s fine.
…unless your braces begin to break.
Just be sure you brush if you’re eating popcorn, candy, etc.

Answer #7

braces are the worstt, I got mine off like a year or two ago but anyways for the first few weeks I stuck to pudding and yogurt and bananas and spaghetti stuff like that. But I went without corn on the cob for two years its awful. And for me eating an apple is never the same because I eat it with a spoon because my teeth are sensitive and its hard to bite so yeah. Hope I helped.

Answer #8

once your teeth stop hurting you can eat almost everything, excluding sticky candies (caramel, taffy,…) corn on the cob, and fruit that is not cut up. for now… you are on a liquid and or mush diet. soup, stew, oatmeal, applesauce, mashed potatoes. take some ib proffen… it’s better for pain and lasts longer than acetominophen. next time you go to get them tightened… down some painkillers about an hour before your appointment. good luck… braces are a great investment

Answer #9

I eat everything with my braces dont worry about it

Answer #10

anythinqqq :) but qum does get stuck there

Answer #11

you can eat an apple but you have to cut it up into small pierces you can eat a broccoli but you can’t eat the thick bottome part no bagels thou um anything soft you can have FRUITS CUT INTO SMALL PIECES lol candy=bad gum=bad just anything soft on the teeth yea lol :S

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