is it bad to eat a lot of healthy food?

is it bad that I eat healthy food just a lot of it? does that have to do with my matabolism is fast and I need more food? because im really skinny.

Answer #1

well as long as you get your oils, fats, and carbs in you’ll be okay.

Answer #2

Healthy food isn’t bad for you but don’t forget to get some sugars and fats in your diet

Answer #3

just because its healthy dosent mean you can pig out on it. O_O

Answer #4

How could healthy food be bad for you?lol No eat all you want, you only live once

Answer #5

No, it s only bad if you eat a lot and you are gaining weoght. You also have to be sure it is really healthy like fresh fruits and veges, because some prepackaged foods that claim to be healthy are not. If you are young, chances are you are still growing and need the food. As your growth normalized, you will find you need less food.

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