whats the quickest way to get over soreness from a workout?

I stretch before and after because I’m now pitching for my school fall team and I’m, usually, a reliever so they get me warmed up in the bullpen, put me in or sit me down nd since we have about 3-4 games a week i dont have much rest time. Anyway i was thinking of running after games/prectices to keep the blood flowing…would that help at all

Answer #1

you just keep working out soreness is a good thing but like keep doing it and it will become less bothersome

Answer #2

If it’s an intense muscle workout you should really only be Exercising every other day, or it’s not really going to help you. Or exercise certain muscles on certain days, don’t work the same ones out every day is what I’m saying. Doing cardio would probably help too (I’m not sure what the p90x entails, there may be some in there) Stretching after a workout is pretty important, but other than that you are going to get quite sore for the first little while, as your body adjusts it should hurt significantly less.

Answer #3

Take a warm bath when the muscles start to hurt. or put a water bottle with warm water (something along those lines) because it will relax the muscles.

Answer #4

I burn some kush before I workout and after it keeps me zoned out.

Answer #5

if u want big muscle gains rest 1-2 days after….dont workout when sore you will re-tear all the muscle you have been trying to build. but if your doing it for sports go everyother day but if you want to have big muscles do it less than often. andf also take glutimine its a amino acid that repairs torn muscle tissue.

Answer #6

Okay everyone. he said the quickest way, to keep stretching for weeks isnt quick, and neither is taking 2 day breaks in between.

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