Whats the quickiest way to get slim?

Im a size 14 - 16 and I want to loose weight fast as getting over a bloody ex put weight on me. grr. Anyone know the quickest form of excorise or types of foods and drinks to take on , because I want it all off before Autumn.I have 5 months. Please :)

Answer #1

try weight watchers…you lose an average of 3-5 pounds per week. it worked for me

Answer #2

eat vegitables and fruit, dont eat too much and stay away from sugar and grease, run a lot and work your muscels to get a great body!

Answer #3

diets dont really work and you usually gain all the weight back, and then some there is no quick and easy way to weight loss healthy eating and regular exrescise are the only ways to loose weight and keep it off so start cutting out soda drinks and junk food from your diet and start exersciseing also if your not prepared to put in the effort you wont see any permanent results

Answer #4

You need the “Body Magic!!!” If you are looking for instant gratification, while you are working on getting the pounds off, you have to get one. Visit www.tenminutemakeover.com. They have wonderful products to help the inside while you are working the outstide, girl!!! It really, really does work. The Le’Vive juice will help push your toxins out, the Thermogen will help speed up the metabolism - you can’t go wrong.

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