Whats is the fastest way to get rid of stomach fat

Whats is the fastest way to get rid of stomache fat?

Answer #1

There is no way to target an area for fat lose. You can work your abs all you want and you may even get abs of steal, but they can still be covered with flab. Eat 5 times a day but smaller portions, weight train, and do HIITs.

Answer #2

I reckon the only way is to do stomach crunches to tone yur muscles and make yur tummy flatter,lie on the floor on yur back,hold in yur stomach,put yur hands bhind yur head,now bend yur knees bringing them in towards yur chest,while lifting yur head up at the same time,aims to try and do 20 to 40 a day,I had a baby 10 years ago and I stiil have a lil bit of flab but since doin those excercises I can really notice the difference

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