Whats something interesting?

I need something interesting to draw in art class.

We are doing our final project of the year and we get to do whatever subject we want but I dont have any good ideas?

Any one care to help?

Answer #1

hmmm…something outdoorsy like lake scenery or something? something beach related (I love the beach) or a city picture.

Answer #2

I just finished a Drawing II class in college and our last project was drawing an outdoor subject like a tree, but only using text. It turned out really cool. You can try that.

Answer #3

something abstract.. like skyscrapers.. but with ivy going up them… obviously the ivy will be bigger so that you can see it, so yeah make sure the proportions are wrong.. :)

that way in your annotations.. you could argue that it shows thw contrast between nature and mankind )( manmade things… you could even talk about how it dipicts enviromental issues and polution :)

infact if the ivy lookee like it was dying.. then you could definately link it to polution :)

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