How do I know whats going to happen ?

Okey so this is really weird and it happens all the time . So I actually know if this guy I like is going to be at school . Like its weird but I just know. So I don’t even look for him because I know he wont be there . And when he does come to school I know he is . And I know what color he will wear so I wear the same color and sometimes like I say something just jokingly . But they actually come true. And I don’t know if thats normal . Or if im like ‘’special ‘’ like you know physic

Answer #1

Haha, I doubt it. Me and this guy I liked both had a different motorhead t-shirt and somehow I just always knew when he was going to wear his. Every single time I wore mine that whole yearm he was wearing his the same day. We also both had iron maiden shirts, but it only happend once with that shirt, it was always the motorhead, one. Which my neighbor got bleach on. =[ This is random, but I heard its going to be 66°f on sunday. Whoo-hoo!!!

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