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Shaping a CV
What is expected of a cv?
Many people have written about writing a curriculum vitae, and many agencies are advertising about helping in producing effective Cvs.But some practical knowledge of how the professional things are moving around, is enough to prepare a good CV.
Before writing a C V, one must be clear about what is expected of it. For this, you must first carefully analyze the advertisement you are applying for.That tells you the nature of the job you are applying and what kind of persons the employer is looking for.After assessing these two things, if you are confident that you posses them, you can start writing your CV and covering letter for that.
1 whether the applicant has all necessary qualifications required?
2 Is he experienced in the field? If so, to what extent?If no, can anything in him can compensate that?
3How he is using his language? Is he bragging,exaggerating, or simply stating the facts?(this enables him to asses the frankness of the applicant which is most expected by every employer.) .
4 Is he coming for this job only for money, or has guinine interest in the field?
5 Whether the distance is convenient to him? If not, how he makes his timely coming to the workplace?
6 What is his past record? has he achieved anything in the field, if he is an already experienced person?
- These are some main things which the employer looks for in a c. v. So, while preparing a c v, you should meet these expectations.
Please remember the following points while writing a c v.-
1 Let the language be straight and simple.Your stye tells what kind of person you are.Even while narrating your achievements, be humble .Put only facts, supported by records.Let elaboration be kept for interview.
2 Be grammatically correct.
3 Let sentences be short.C V doesn't usually carries paragraphs.
4 Show that you .aim to achieve something higher.
Avoid cleshes
Cleshes like-'I'm hale and healthy' 'I have proven track record' 'Spirited youth' etc are outdated now.You have to avoid such phrases and replace them with modern phrases like-'I am confident that my health condition etc fully permit me to carryout the responsibilities','carreer history speaks for itself' like that.

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