How to get rid of stomach fat without losing weight?

How do I get rid of the fat in my stomach without loosing weight? Is it possible?

Answer #1

doesnt sound possible

Answer #2

drink loads of water because it stops bloating tense your stomach whenever you remeber to and eat less starchy food and more nuts and protein

Answer #3

haha. don’t drink water, that actually makes you very bloated.
all you need to do if you want to flatten up your stomach is work out (run, bike, lift weights, condition) and by doing that you will gain muscle (which weighs more than fat) so, in the end, you may end up weighing more than you did in the beginning but looking skinnier. oh, and don’t forget to eat healthy! it works, trust me.

Answer #4

ab exercises-not zillions, because then you will lose weight. just do crunches and stuff to flatten your stomach!

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