whats the difference between ethnicity and race?

Answer #1

race tends to be based on shared biological traits whereas ethinicity is more about culture and shared history

Answer #2

ok cuz this application i was filling out it says race_ then ethnicity_

Answer #3

I think the ethnicity part would be for any culture that you identify with? Aside from that I have no idea!

Answer #4

I can give you an example. My ethnicity would be for example Afrikaans (it’s my language but also what my culture is called, but my race would be caucasian.

Answer #5

Glad you clarified before I went into a rant on how race doesnt really exist and is simply a socially constructed theory. You’re in the U.S. That question is odd for an application, possibly illegal. But alright. Basically race is caucasian (i.e. white), black/african american, american indian/native alaskan, asian, native hawaiian, other, mixed. Ethnicity is the culture you identify with, so you can be hispanic and caucasian or hispanic and black.

Answer #6

in race theres a finish line.

Answer #7

my mom had her baby and they asked me to fill out this application that stated her race, ethnicity .. i didn’t know it was illegal.

Answer #8

ok u said race is Caucasian and TY put ethnicity Caucasian..can i just put both lol

Answer #9

lol, only on job applications (shouldnt assume).

Answer #10

No no, I meant you can be of Hispanic ethnicity and then caucasian as race, or Hispanic ethnicity and ‘Black’ as the race. I was demonstrating how you can be the same ethnicity and different race. It works the other way too. You can be ‘Black’ race and ‘African’ ethnicity, or ‘Black’ race and ‘Jamaican’ or ‘Haitian’.

Answer #11

I totally agree with you on the race thing. Im a biologist, I dont believe in race. I believe in genetics!

Answer #12

thanks, guys!

Answer #13

oh ok:)

Answer #14

Hey, if someone asks what race you are and you don’t know what to write, just fill in “human” or “homo sapiens”.
It’s not what they want to know, but it’s definitely correct. ;-)

Answer #15

Its not really. Homo sapiens is a species, not a race. I think technically we are homo sapiens sapiens (as stupid as that sounds!)

Answer #16

an ethnic group can span over different races or religions they ussally have or believe that they originated from an common ancestry. Fore example in the bible we read about Isreal who has Abraham as the founding patriarch. Race is just genetic traits.

Answer #17

But there aren’t really different races of humans. Humans aren’t that different. We’re one race all over the planet. The neandertal man ( homo sapiens neandertaliensis) was the last existing other human race.

Race is a subcategory of a species. Races have lots of obvious traits and genetics that make them different from each other. Look at dogs: A poodle is another race compared to a doberman, but a black poodle is the same race as a white poodle.

Answer #18

Those are animal breeds not races. Are you seriously comparing dog breeds to human races? And those are species (neanderthals, homo sapiens etc), race is not a term used in biology. It is a social category that we ascribe. It’s socially constructed. You need a little refresher in biology and sociology.

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