How to say whats good in different languages

ok so in my world language class, I have to learn a greating of my choice in ten different languages I already know it in spanish but if you know it in any other languages please tell me!

Answer #1

ciò che è buono-Italian what goed-Dutch cad atá dea - Irish co jest dobre-Polish ceea ce este bun-Romanian mi a jó-Hungarian

Answer #2

Lol “what’s good?” is:

Ce Qui Est Bon? - in French… Hvad Der Er Godt? - in Danish…

And well I dunno bout that word maletoa69 said… but I know it as; Was Ist Gut?

But thats that’s just the technical translations… I don’t know anyone who actually SAYS it haha =P

Answer #3

good muy bien tres bien :D

Answer #4

meaning of hello:

marhaba-arabic salut (without pronouncing the “t”) - french ola-spanish ciya-hungarian

Answer #5

go to google language tools? (:

Answer #6

Guttimen- german,

Answer #7

try it’s an online dictionary

try it’s an online translator

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