what would hit the ground first

if a bowling ball and a feather were dropped from the empire state building which would hit the ground first

Answer #1

the weight technically has nothing to do with which will fall first, however, considering the feather and its situation, the air resistance will cause the bowling ball to hit the ground first.

Answer #2

Bowling ball will hit the ground first. They will not hit the ground at the same time. Like bella said, the feather will float down.

Answer #3

Because air resistance slows the feather MUCH MUCH more than the bowling ball, the bowling ball hits first.

If the experiment was performed in a vacuum then they would hit at the same time.

Answer #4

the bowling ball because theres a huge difference in weight a bowling ball is a few kilograms a feather is a few grams, if any the ball will drop, the feather will float, and the wind can also affect when the feather will finally reach the ground the ball will hit the ground first, do a lot of damage, and kill someone if they were unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time

Answer #5

As bimjob points out, in a vacuum they would hit at the same time, but in an atmosphere, air resistance and wind counts for a lot.

Answer #6

a bowling ball because a feather will float away if the wind just blow it would never make it to the ground!!!

Answer #7

they would hit at da same tyme… laws of gravity lol

Answer #8

a bowling ball… because a feather will float down, while a bowling ball will fall

Answer #9

bowling ball

Answer #10

Exactly what arachnid said

Answer #11

defs the ball.

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