What will happen if a person falls into a volcano?

Okay I was wondering if a person fell in a INACTIVE volcano what would happen. Would they burn from the bottom of the volcano? Maybe die when they hit the bottom of the volcano?

Answer #1

They would probably die from the fall or from starvation, not being able to get out of there

Answer #2

well it depends on how long this volcano has been inactive and assuming the fall doesnt kill you it would be possable to survive but chances are if the fall dont kill ya the heat will certainly will get the job done

Answer #3

I think you would die from impact, and heat.

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Answer #4

From such a high fall the person would more than likly die before they even reached the bottom because of shock … if not the heat would do it … Xo:)

Answer #5

heres a piece of knowledge for ya…

its not the 1st impact that kills you.. when you hit the ground for something that high your body will hit the floor, bounch back up a few inches and hit it again..

its the second inpact that kills you, not the 1st ;)

the heat would cook you before hitting it

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