My 9 month old only drinks his bottle at night...HELP!

I have a 9 month old that will only drink one bottle in the afternoon (up to 7oz) and he getts up every night at 3:00 and drinks a 7oz bottle and then again at 6:00 and drinks a 6 oz bottle. I mix his morning cereal with 4oz of formula and I give him cereal before bed mixed wth 6oz of formula. I have tried giving him a bottle all throughout the day and he refuses it, I’ve even swithched formulas thinking he doesn’t like the taste! I really want to put an end to his night time eating…HELP!!!

Answer #1

Yes, I have him on a sippy cup…he refuses to drink anything from it but water. I’ve tried to put his formula in it and he literally throws it! He is also on a schedule during the day…he wakes up at 8:00 and goes down for a 1.5hr nap at 11:00, he then has his afternoon bottle at 3:30 and then has a 45min nap. He doesn’t have his night and day mixed up at all…when he wakes in the night he’s only awake long enough to drink the bottle.

Answer #2

Have you tried switching him to a sippy cup or introducing one with his formula in it? Maybe he is getting to the point where he does not want a bottle anymore. Most children will wait until they are 1 years old to use a sippy cup - but some children are ready for them sooner.

It also sounds like he has his night and day schedule mixed up. You need to make sure he is on a schedule and that you follow it daily. You also should try keeping him awake during the day more often - because he should not still be waking up for nighttime feedings at that age.

Answer #3

if I was you I would go check him out cause once that habit stats its hard to brake it so take him to the hospital asap

Answer #4

I have the same exact issue with my 8 month old. He is in love with his bottle at night, but won’t take it at all during the day. It is becoming really frustrating. I am going to try Enfamil restful nights formula tonight, but I doubt it will work. My doctor says if he is drinking a full bottle at night you have to give it to him. When he starts drinking only a couple of ounces then you can let him cry it out. It is amazing how every baby is soo different. Any other suggestions?

Answer #5

I have the same problem. My daughter only wants to eat a meal in the morning and in the evening and it’s drama during the day to make her drink a bottle. I finally gave up. I mix her formula with cereal and feed it to her in the morning and when she falls asleep during the day I try to sneak a bottle in. When she’s tired enough she’ll drink it in her sleep. In the evening I mix formula in with her food again and at night when she falls asleep I give her a bottle in her sleep. I know it’s probably not the best solution but I’d rather make sure she’s getting enough formula in her.

Answer #6

I have the same problem with my 6 month old…did you find a solution to the problem? I also took my 6 month old to a paed and ent to have his ears wax drained, and the problem continues, even after changing the formula and using a sippy cup…???

Answer #7

My 9 month old only drinks his bottle well at night also. He wakes up at like 4:30-6:30 (somewhere in between there) and wants to eat again. He takes a 8 oz. bottle before bed and then will drink another 8 oz. at 4-6 time frame. Then he gets up at like 7 or 7:30! Its crazy that he can’t make it to that time! Most of the time he is up at 4:30 wanting the bottle and he will literally gulp it down!! My guess is if he is seriously that hungry than I don’t want to deprive him of his milk but I also don’t know how to stop this habit and get him to sleep all the way through. At times he will even get up at 2 and want another bottle! During the day he will hardly drink anything!! I offer him water, juice, and his milk and he drinks a couple sips and that is it! He will take a 6 oz. bottle around 4:00 during the day but that is it! Any suggestions as to help him sleep through the night and break the bedtime bottle too?

Answer #8

if I was you I would go check him out cause once that habit stats its hard to brake it so take him to the hospital asap

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