Would times be better if the human race saw no religion?

If suddenly all religions where gone, with no knowledge of having ever existed, and no possibility of coming again, would times be better? Id like honest opinions please. =]

Answer #1

Wolves in sheep’s clothing - Evil-doers often cloak their activities under the label of ‘religion’ - perverting that religion and diverting attention away from themselves and their evil intent - they’ll learn different on judgement day.

Answer #2

Terrible chaos/evil would reign - if that’s better, yes.

Answer #3

hahah I think the world would live under an anarchist life…just think about it, even in this country where freedom of religion is applied, the beleive of religion and god had to do with some of the laws and regulations that were put into place since the beginning I don’t know, that’s my theory, not trying to force my opinion on yeah

nice question though, made me think

Answer #4

religions dont cause wars. Ok, hear me out… People may fight in the name of religion (because what better way to convince people you are right, or get people to back you up) but religion itself is not the cause of the wars. Behind every “religious” war, there’s something else that someone wants… either wealth, power, minerals, resources, land… it is never about religion… so getting rid of religion would just mean people would come up with other excuses to fight, but it wouldnt stop the fighting… I mean personally I dont care much for religions and I think people use them to back up their wars, oppressions, etc but I dont think they’re the root cause of these problems and for a lot of people religion provides a sense of belonging, comfort, and answers… and I wouldnt want to take that away from them… And like trickynick said, faith is not bound to religion… I believe in God, but not in any religion…

Answer #5

religions could disappear and I wouldn’t be bothered at all. BUT spirituality would not disappear. Belief would not disappear. He would not disappear. My faith is not bound to my religion.

Answer #6

I think if all religions disappeared suddenly, they would probably resurface again in a while… people need answers, and relgion gives this to them. Also, no offense to the human population, but most people are not intelligent to kept in check by rules that are simply in place to keep order in society… I think religion gives people their morals and values and keeps them in line so they dont create chaos…

Answer #7

Humans are inherently religious. If it were possible to eradicate the world of all religions people would just make new ones. It’s just human nature.

Answer #8

So, who’s the troll marking “unhelpful” to all the answers they don’t agree with, even though the answers are well thought out and respectful?

Answer #9

ummm ok. thanks I guess. but talk about a wolf in sheeps clothing… your diverting away from the question, not even really answering it, and might I add, diverting my attention to a statement that really makes no sense.

because in reality, there are sooo many “true” christians, and muslims and etc that are the evil-doers.

Answer #10


well I was thinking more along the lines of religion causing mass killings, bloodshed, torture, hatred etc… well at least a difference in religion does…

Answer #11

well…I dont beleive in any religions…I dont respect them but I dont care if other people believe in them…but…no the world needs all sorts of people to make it a world…if no one beleived in anything…the world would suck…but if everyone believed in something…the world would suck too…peoople need to believe that nothing exists and people need to beleive that something exists…but everyone who does or doesent should not force other people to beleive in what they do

Answer #12

I’m not religous but even I would have to say no times wouldn’t get better, most religions have the basic belief structure about the right way to treat people and although a lot of people kill and do horrible things in the name of religion people do a lot of good things in the name of religion also.

Answer #13

Unequivocably, yes. The claim that religion increases ethical behavior does not stand up to scrutiny. The claim that religion reduces suicidal tendencies, or strengthens the family also do not stand up under scrutiny.

The only aspect of religion that DOES stand up, is the claim of increased contentment. However, this has been shown to be due primarily to the social aspects of religion. If not for religion, we would find other ways to fulfill that need.

In the final analysis, religion brings nothing positive to the table that would not otherwise exist anyway, and it brings quntifiably negative aspects.

Answer #14

Maybe the world will be better. But we will never really know since the world is already in chaos!

Answer #15

Maybe the world will be better. But that we will never live to see.

Answer #16

if there was no religion and there never had been, it would have prevented some wars.

Answer #17

I don’t think it would be better. I think it would be total chaos.

Answer #18

I think people would simply find a different justification for their actions but would basically remain the same.

Answer #19

if people still kept their morals the definitely! things would be a lot more peaceful

Answer #20
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