What breed of dog should I get if my fiance and I work from home and are basically at home all day?

Trying to decide on what dog breed to get that fits our lifestyle. i like molosser breeds and medium or big sized dogs while my fiance likes the medium or smaller dogs. we both work from home and are here 24-7 so exercising the dog wouldnt be a problem. I’m a dog trainer so I’d be the one doing the most work with the dog. also we have a baby and want a pup that is good for kids and can grow up with our son. I like the dogs that require less grooming but need more exercise. my fiance just wants a dog that will be safe around our baby. we cant afford a giant breed so a great dane or mastiff is out of the question. can anyone help me narrow down my options?

Answer #1

You shoud probally get a small dog like a Yorkie or a pomeranian. They are both good lap dogs.

Answer #2

Smaller dogs tend to be more skiddish with small children. And children sometimes grab or do things to a dog that can result in their being niped. A sturdier, larger dog like a golden lab is more likely to be accepting of playtime and bonding with a smaller child.

Answer #3

An ex-racing greyhound. They only need 2 twenty minute walks a day, so you could probably take the dog out before you start working from home and then for a long walk when you have a little break from working. They are beautiful dogs, and will repay you back in love. Although they may not look particularly gorgeous they are easily mantained and lovely. Please take time to have a look at these amazing species. Thanks (:

Answer #4

A lab :) or Collie…. both great with kids and smart and protective

Answer #5

I would do research on it. theres books that tell the characteristics of each dog and then you could see which one fits you and your lifestyle the best

Answer #6

small dogs are not good for children and yorkies are not lap dogs (at least mine) i suggest getting a lab

Answer #7

small dogs are not good for children and yorkies are not lap dogs (at least mine) i suggest getting a lab

Answer #8

Get a medium sized pit, (raise from a puppy of course) they are wonderfulllllllllll with kids. They don’t really require a lot of grooming, their just amazing companions.

Answer #9

I agree with TwiddleMuffin Pits are nicknamed the NannyDog for a reason. Don’t give into stereotypes that they are attack dogs they are rather docile. Believe it or not more people are attacked by Golden Retrievers than Pits. So yeah I would do a bluenose female pit. I have two of my own and they are so gentle and loving towards children.

Answer #10

Or dobermans. Perfect dogs.

Answer #11

get a huskycross german sheperhd i have one and there so loving and have the best tempermant, they are very beautiful dogs search up on google images and visit this site for more information http://funadvice.com/r/15l5gmp31fl

Answer #12

Multease. (idk if thats spelled right) I have one and hes adorable, loves kids, but does need attention. But no one is home for half of the day so he needs extra attention at night. Hes completly chill tho and doesn’t bark at all. And he was easy to train

Answer #13

still recomend husky/german shepherd :D:D

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