What the war in iraq is about. Is it over oil? Wmds?

Hey I dont really understand what the war in iraq is about. Is it over oil? Wmds? Idkk and I really want to figure it out! Lol anyone no?

Answer #1

One reason advanced: Fight the terrorists in their back yard instead of yours.

Answer #2

Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Bush lied to congress and the people about Iraq’s involvement.

The goal all along was controlling the oil.

Answer #3

no I havnt forgotten bout 911. but I thought we were fighting with them before. not nessacasrily a war but I thought we still were fighting before 911. and just beacuse some terriosts came doesnt mean we shud go to war with their whole country! but thanks everyone you all really helped. I mean seriosuly I had no idea what it was even over but you all have helped me see what its sorta about! thanks so much :]

Answer #4

amblessed: “One reason advanced: Fight the terrorists in their back yard instead of yours.”

So in order to keep US safe from terrorists, we turned a relatively stable country that did nothing to us, into a living hell, killed tens of thousands of their people, possibly hundreds of thousands, forced over 2 million of them to flee their country, and destroyed what was left of their infrastructure. Do you think that is something a civilized country should do?

WMDs were a lie from the begining, as many experts had said at the time. The inspectors were on the ground reporting that they were being given full access to any site. They said they couldn’t find anything and needed just a little more time to finish. But Bush said no, we need to begin bombing now. That is because he knew had the inspectors finished and shown Saddam had no WMDs, Bush would have no excuse to invade. It was obvious what was going on, but the corporate media kept up the beating drums of war, and the with the fog of 9/11still hanging over the country, most people didn’t pay close attention. I was, and I remember it well.

If Iraq didn’t have huge oil reserves, we would not be there now.

Answer #5

lol, well theres why the government say’s we went in. and then theres the actual reason but it still just doesn’t make sense. no country goe’s to war unless there is something to gain or there defending themselves. obviously we wern’t defending ourselves and the WOMD’s was a complete bullsht excuse. I laugh when I think of what Sadam Hussain was thinking when we accused him of having them, he must have been like “what the fck”, lol. but ya, so countries don’t go to war unless there is something to be gained, and seeing’s how we arn’t gaining anything. the profit has to be going to the people in charge of this ocuntry, which it is. But there is a good possability as well that we are just securing an oil connection for the future, which we will need. but not at the cost of this war

Answer #6

What terrorists, exactly amblessed, are you talking about? The terrorists that attacked the United States were from Saudi Arabia and were trained in Afghanistan. Terror camps only started appearing in Iraq after the war had already begun, and it wasn’t until one YEAR after the war had started that the Bush administration mentioned anything about fighting terrorism in Iraq. Could you please cite your sources? Because what you mentioned makes little sense.

Answer #7

The reason we went into Iraq is that Iraq wasn’t following the accords they made with the UN from the last gulf war. The “weapons” of mass destruction were never found. The Oil is NOT a reason to destroy another country (else, shouldn’t China have the right to invade the US if it decides to acquire the massive coal reserves we have?).

Was it right to invade? Well, given the trillions of dollars we spent…and the million+ Iraq’s who’ve been killed since the war began, you tell me. Has gas gotten cheaper? No? Of course not.

But…if you were the Vice President or a business associate of his, you made serious money!

Answer #8

Its about Bush.

Answer #9

I think most people in government aren’t too sure of the answer to this one either.

Answer #10

have you forgot about 911

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