Not all about oil afterwards

What is your opinion of Iraq war not being about all about oil?

The latest news is that Iraq oil production has been lower since we liberated Iraq. . . .sooo , that must mean some people are just are just haters who lie a lot in order to further their agenda’s. Now I am not saying oil does not play a part; Of course it does. Americans discovered oil in the persian gulf. Americans invented the means to extract the oil. Americans created a market for oil, What makes you think we are just gonna leave such a commodity in the hands of ruthless dictator. get a brain!

Answer #1

It was about Oil, but not necessarily about profiting off of Iraqi oil. As thedude said, elminating the competition was the goal, if they couldn’t actually control Iraqi oil. It is not a coincidence that oil industry profits have sky-rocketed since the war began. If saddam had been declared weapons free, which was about to happen before Bush invaded, he was going to start selling his oil in euros. Bush, cheney, and the saudis weren’t going to allow that to happen.

Answer #2

It wasn’t about Oil…Dick Cheney made a TON of money, it’s a matter of public record. So did lots of other publicly traded companies that divided up the contracts.

The war was never about Oil…it was about money. Saudi Arabia…they fund Bush, right? Do they want competition which would lower oil prices? Of course not. Is it public record that his family has had close ties with them for decades, and George W had them as investors in one of his companies? Of course it is.

If you could take out the competition, you might…and if your buddies who did you that favor could make money in the process…and you could all get away with it…well, not everybody in the world has the moral fibre to just say no to all that :)

Bush said over & over he’s a Christian…but, Jesus said to turn the other cheek…how does that fit with his, also public record, comments about “we’re gonna get him”?


When Dick Cheney & all the rest hand over the profits they made from the war, then I’ll believe they were being altruistic & trying to liberate the people there, or suspected weapons of mass destruction, until then, the war was about greed, very simple.

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