What to give a 14 year old girl for christmas?

HElp? I reely don’t know what to get her…HELP!

Answer #1

If she doesn’t have a straightner already and her hair isn’t straight or if she complains she wants it straight. get her a conair straightner. the 1 1/2 ones work the best. if she doesnt have a cellphone, get her on a plan for free texting and calling. maybe shoes? like dc’s, etnies.. clothes. whatever kind she wears. if shes punky, get her tight jeans and long tight shirts, if shes preppy get her skirts and cute shirts, maybe from aeropostale? or you could always just give her money(:

Answer #2

yeah iPod or Wii

Answer #3

You could get her something that relates to her hobbies or clothing that expresses her personality.

Answer #4

concert tickets, ipad, kindle, ipod, scarf, watch, necklace, pendant… lots of possibilities. Pick something you like and she will probably like it too… other option is to go with a gift card at a department store.

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