What is a good gift idea for a 14 year old girl?

Im loking to buy a gift for my best friend and we are spending 50$ on each other any ideas on what I should get her. she dances likes to talk and shop. any thing a girly girl would like?

Answer #1

clothes or an ipod? cd’s?

Answer #2

You could get her some new Jewelery, perfume, clothing, hair stuff, make up, sun glasses, shoes, if she likes inscents, iPod phone case ect

Answer #3

make-up perfume maybe a cute top/singlet cd abum of one of her fve new artists that she doesnt have shoes if you can find a nice pair shed like

Answer #4

nothing black unless it’s sparkly ew sparkles

Answer #5

doe sshe like justin bieber? if she does than his new cd just came out today so I dont think she has it yet

Answer #6

you should get her skirt and shirt

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