What would a 14 year old boy want for Christmas?

What should I buy my best 14 year old guy friend for Christmas? he and I have been friends scince we were little and usally I can think of something but this year I cant :( any ideas? he likes the outdoors, wii, xbox, sports… thanks so much

Answer #1

ok thanks so much

Answer #2

If he has an Xbox, maybe get him a subscription to Xbox Live. And if he has an iPod or MP3 player, you could get him a gift card for iTunes.

Answer #3

I agree with jesswinfery, Get him Left 4 Dead 2 My guy friend loves it. Hope I helped.

Answer #4

a ps3 wii psp a laptop a car and if he is in a sport somthing about that sport

Answer #5

get him a new wii or xbox gamee (:.

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