What is a good gift to give a 14 year old boy...

for his Spiritual birthday? My son’s 5 yr spiritual birthday is coming up Sept 2. I know it seems silly for his Mom to be asking on a site like this, but wanted to see what kinds of opinions are out there in hopes of a good one. Since it is his 5 yr one, he already has received a bible, books related, guy jewlery ect…also, he is down visiting his dad in another State, so it has to be something I can send…any advice? Thanks!

Answer #1

You should give him… what he really wants! if you know what I mean ;)

Answer #2

Give him something that he’ll be excited about…and learn from…and fantsize about like… land in all 50 USA states. He’ll own a square inch of land in all states and have a Deed with his name on it to show all his friends or hang in his room. Get it at http://www.ownapieceofamerica.us. Cool

Answer #3

umm No, I don’t know what you mean…sorry…

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