What sign am I??

Im born on october 23rd 1995. I was born in the evening. Im not sure if I am a libran on scorpion.I know im a cusp but some people have found out if they are exactly a libran or scorpion because if their star alignment, how do I do that?

Answer #1


where as wiki states scorpio is from the 23 oct and libra ends the 23rd


wiki on this account is wrong…

www.psychics.co.uk also states scorpio starts on the 24th october

the sun also states its the 24th oct start for scorpio


unless the dates change depending on what country you live in…

in the UK you are a libra

Answer #2

Aren’t I like a cusp or something?

Answer #3

Uhmmm actually your a scorpio.

Scorpio is from Oct 23 - Nov 21 Where as; Libra is from Sept 23 - Oct 22

Answer #4

scorpio is from 24th oct to the 22nd nov so your deffo a libra

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