What should I do About a Thief ?

I have a women working for me for about a week now she said she doesnt have a home or friends here, she came here illigally so my sister and I felt sorry for her so we took her in to help out the store, Little does she know (including my sister) that I (for the fun) install Spy cams and I caught her taking 20$ out of the box so what should I do ? where I am the police doesnt really care about people like us so going to them might not be a good idea but how do I resolve this problem with her ? Should I show her the tape ?

Answer #1

I would call immigration and let them handle it- coming here illegally shows that they do not respect our laws, so that would most likely not change if you talked to her. have immigration send her back.

Answer #2

Fire her. Tell her what you saw her do, and then get her deported. Don’t feel bad; If they can’t take the time to legally come here then they haven’t earned a right to be here.

Answer #3

It’s easy enough to sit on a high horse and judge people…

I know it seems like a slap in the face after everything you’ve done for her, but honestly put yourself in her shoes… she probably thinks you wouldnt even miss the money and she probably just wants something in case you kick her out of the home. I’m not saying you shouldnt deal with it, just think about it from a perspective of someone who has nothing… Fire her if you want…

Answer #4

yess get her out of theree before she steals more than just moneyy…!

Answer #5

Confront her - get your money back - send her on her way.

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