random survey

name: fav color: fav food: fav singer: fav actor: fav actress: fav song: fav movie: fav book: your boy/girl friends name(current): how many boy/girlfriends have you had:

Answer #1

name:Shania fav color:purple and blue fav food:I don’t know. fav singer:Chris Brown fav actor:I don’t know.probally eddie murphy fav actress:I don’t know. fav song:I did you wrong by pleasure p. fav movie:I don’t know fav book:I don’t know. your boy/girl friends name(current):none. how many boy/girlfriends have you had:I don’t know.

Answer #2

name: Theodora fav color: Pink,blue fav food: all the food =] fav singer: Jonas Brothers , Chris Brown fav actor: dont know fav actress: dont know fav song: All the songs of JBs fav movie: every movie sonds kool fav book: maybe gossip girl,Book Thief your boy/girl friends name(current): none how many boy/girlfriends have you had:none

Answer #3

Jennifer Black pupusas (salvadorian dish) Daddy Yankee Edward Cullen lOl(: I don’t know? Ya no llores let me love you by Baby Boy Twilight Twilight series(: NO BOYFRIEND HAVE NEVER HAD ONE AND NEVER WILL CUS IM UGLY AND FAT AND GUYS LIKE SKINNY SEXY GURLS NOT ME=[

Answer #4

Ryan Crimson and amber I don’t know Mayday Parade adam sandler jessica alba Jersey anything funny or the saw movies don’t read Angie 7

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