What's with my cat in heat?!?!

Seriously, this is about the 6th time my cats been on heat and she’s still not got pregnant…for goodness sake! She hasn’t got a clue! I really want her to have a litter (then I’ll get her done- for all our sanity - ever heard a cat in heat - urghhh!)

Please don’t start about iresponible pet ownership…I have two cats already and my other cat wouldn’t allow me to get another cat (he was a feral stray who seems to think he owns the entire sussex region!) also I have tried ‘adopting from shelters’ but because I have two cats already, I won’t be allowed to have any more because of compatability (not because I don’t have enough space- because I do)

Anyway,…I want her to have a litter, has any one elses cat had problems with knowing what to do?

Answer #1

well, I say put her meowing butt outside til she comes home with a bulge in her gutt.

Answer #2

I am definitely starting to become outraged. Being an owner of a two year old tabby myself and choosing not to have her spayed until after conception, I have run into a lot of people who seem to believe their opinion is the only “truth”. Here’s the deal, If you are a responsible pet owner and have the means (and not just a lack of money to have her spayed), then you have a right to make your own choice. I understand that there are many irrisposible people who choose to not spay or neuter who do not have the means, space, or time, but there are also many who understand the responsibilities of caring for and finding GREAT homes for these WANTED animals. Should my only option be to adopt from a shelter bc of other peoples lack of knowledge or responsibility?

Answer #3

Course a cat who hasn’t “taken”…the egg hasn’t been fertilized and attached to the wall of the uterus, will go right back into heat…Maybe she is doing it, just not conceiving??? Most people would consider this a lucky thing. :)

The only way a cat would continue to go into heat AFTER a spay, is not removing the overies…99.999999999999999999% of spays are complete…they take the whole thing…I think you’d have to request it to be any other way, and even then, a Vet might not comply, since there’d be absolutely NO reason for it…


Answer #4

Oh, you lucky guy! Isn’t a cat in heat AFFECTIONATE??? Note how she LOVES the local dogs, cats, rabbits, and so on! I had a cat like that, and I would just get her off heat and a friend of mine would induce heat again. He thought it was funny. There are two solutions. First, find a friendly Tom and set up a weekend date. She will return tired and happy and in a few weeks will proudly display her litter for your approval. That is the easy way, and will solve your issue of wanting more cats, too. The second method is much harder, much more time consuming and considerably more disgusting. Get a Q-tip. Lube it lightly with K-Y or similar. Hold down kitty and massage her hips from the top. She will raise her butt. Do the boy thing with the Q-tip as the friendly weapon. Be VERY careful - kitty is small and delicate and can shred you into mince-meat in 10 seconds if you hurt her. This process causes one egg to drop. Since a cat’s litter is typically three to five kittens, you may have to do this a bunch of times. Each time, you run the risk of getting bitten or scratched, as kitty likes a certain amount of passion in her life. If you are lucky, this will fake her out of her heat. Once that is done, get her fixed. Most vets won’t fix a cat in heat. Oh, yes… just because she gets fixed, does not mean that she will not go into heat again! She just won’t have kittens again! Good luck!

Answer #5

JUST for the record, people keep reproducing more and more every year and yet no one is saying “We dont need any more people crawling around, go have your ovaries removed.” Animals do have emotions and anyone who owns a cat and would sacrifice it’s emotions and natural hormones should seriously reconsider their OWN emotional capacity to house a live animal. If you cat is going to be outside fending for itself and most likely contracting all kinds of diseases from strays, then yes, you should spay here rather than have her conceive and leave MORE live animals in YOUR pathetic care. But if you really love her and want whats best for her and you keep her in your home and plan to care for her, there’s no reason to make her undergo needless surgery unless there is a health issue that would require otherwise.

Answer #6

Phrannie is right, if you are going to spay a cat then we are doing the full surgery, this also helps reduce there chances of getting all types of cancer, but hey if you want your cat to get cancer at the cost of you wanting her to have babies, then go for it, but keep in mind those babies will have babbies and those babies will have babies and by next year you could be the local cat women with about 200 cats running around you house. that sounds like a plan.

Please be a responsible cat owner and get her spayed for her SAKE not YOURS

Answer #7

so if she has a litter… you are keeping all of them? NO you will end up dumping them at the pound to be killed. Why not fix your cat?

Answer #8

If someone wants to breed their animal they HAVE A RIGHT TO DO SO, you have no right to talk… I’m so sick of people saying that you cannot breed an animal if it is a good animal and you want to pass those genes on SO BE IT.. BUTT OUT AND GET A LIFE LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE!!!

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