my cat's mouth is bleeding,

My 5 year old cat was diagnosed with oral bartonella disease, when we took her to the vet they said it was a pretty bad case(we couldnt tell she needed to go to the vet because it’s in the back of her mouth and we couldnt see)

they gave us medicine and said it would take a whole week to arrive at our house, we waited and through out the week she got dramatically worse. She started to not eat as much cause of her sore gums, even though we bought soft food and mash it up,

also today after she tried eating her gums started to bleed a lot, she was drooling blood for about 5 minutes,

we got the medicine a few days ago and we’ve been giving it to her but she hasnt gotten better, the meds are proscribed once a day for 21 days,

Im worried for her and our vets office isnt going to be open for another 3 days :(

Answer #1


we took her to a different vet and they informed us that the other clinic had mis diagnosed her. Her body was rejecting her teeth for some reason and we had the rejecting teeth removed. it’s been 2 months since the surgery and she is fully recovered :)

Answer #2

consult another vet clinic…just ask questions about it, you dont nessacarily have to buy anything off them, just ask to see if it’s normal and questions you dont understand…maybe they can help you cat become more comfortable, and perhaps offer a tip with eating…try giving your cat some milk this way she is atleast getting something in her system.

Answer #3

It was genetic, unavoidable.

Answer #4

My advice, and I do work at a vet hosptial, Please Euthanize this cat. I say this for many reasons and right now the cat is suffering.

There are plenty of healthy cats waiting to be adopted with out deadly or spreadable viruses

Answer #5

AWWW! oh sorry!!! it could possibly be an autoimmune stomatitis check with your vet or try and find the best vet around…cause people can give you many answers..but you need the right one…Good luck!! and again im sooo sorry about this..

Answer #6

the medacine might be the problem and if you can I would go to a vet in a different city if there is one not far away

Answer #7

For startes the vet should have give your cat 2 injections:one for fighting the illness and the other to reduce pain,so consult another vet clinic plus this could have been advoided if you bought cat mouth spray,I us it :my cats teeth are really healthy and it’s easier and more effective than brushing.

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