How is homosexuality an abomination to nature?

I never really grasped how homosexuality is against nature. It occurs in nature all the time. 5 cats live in my mother’s house, there’s actually a gay couple amongst the cats(it’s quite cute actually). Or my grandmother, when she was alive, she always owned 2 female dogs. They’ld go at it quite a bit, especially when in heat. Whiptail lizards are all female & will make-out to induce one another to lay eggs(Don’t believe me? look it up for yourself, it’s rather intriguing actually).

Who are we as humans, living in human cultivate "civilizations" to judge what is natural & what is not?
Homosexuality occurs all the time in nature, there's nothing bad about it, it IS a  NATURAL thing. There's nothing abnormal about it. So why are so many people against it? because the bible says so? Well, as Susan B Anthony said "I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires." I will not accept the bible as an answer. Tell me honestly, if you are against homosexuality, why?
Answer #1

To reproduce and continue your race you also need to have sex. Are you out there protesting nuns, priests, monks, and whoever else chooses to be abstinent or use birth control? or are you simply a bigot and are using that as an excuse to justify your homophobia?

Answer #2

-_- You got that off a biker patch, if you can’t back it up don’t push it, lol There’s plently of striaght to reproduce, right now there’s over population, so bi & striaght, there’s nothing wrong with. Actually I believe a bit more of it would be needed for the time being.

Answer #3

to reproduce and continue your race or species or what have you, there needs to be sexual reproduction, you cant reproduce with two of the same, I believe in Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Answer #4

Because when reality conflicts with religious doctrine, reality generally loses, in most peoples’ minds.

Answer #5

It’s not an abomination to nature, it’s an abomination to God… or at least to the people who wrote the bible several thousand years ago (lets not forget the many who translated and edited it to their liking) and claimed to be speaking on God’s behalf… otherwise it really isnt…

Answer #6

I totally agree with you. I actually go against that part in my religion. I think the bible is wrong in that fact. I think that if you love someone, you should be with them no matter the sex. same as race, it doesn’t matter what race, as long as you love.

Answer #7

Like lex_icon said, many who oppose homosexuality appear to think it’s contagious.

I guess the whole “animals are already abiding god” thing is down the drain, since many animals par take in homosexual behaviour. In many cases it appears to be social acts, but nonetheless it does occur in nature.

I don’t think it’s against nature, it’s just apart of it, obviously.

Answer #8

* I never really grasped how homosexuality is against nature.

It isn’t. That’s just something people like to talk about on their natural cell phones before the natural plane takes off, while wearing their natural man made clothing after having eating natural fast food.

Modern life involves very little that is “natural”. Nature is harsh and brutish. I have no interest in being a slave to it.

Answer #9

god, god, god, god, god! shut up about the bl*dy bible for once, I would like to know that too im bisxual and I dont see how im an abomination but lesbiens have always been fine because when queen victoria was rueling england she made man on man sx illegal but she let women sx legal, so I have no idea I live in brighton englands gay capital so im used to seeing gays everywere I turn and going to gay bars, its part of my life maybe sum people are blind to it and dont understand

Answer #10

The simple answer is. Its not. Some idiot wrote it down 2000 years ago and then people were brained washed with it. I was watching the news this morning when the anchors were complaining because someone said if your against gay marriage than your a bigot. Well yea there is no reason to oppose gay marriage accept bigotry. ( By the way Fox news is very conservative).

Being gay is natural. Not evil. Its all about superstitious, religious beliefs.

Answer #11

In every generation there are people who refuse to accept scientific evidence and reason for religious and superstitious reasons. It’s the same thing with homosexuality. We know it occurs in thousands of species, we know it’s part of nature, but it was seen as strange in ancient Hebrew tribal society, and that prejudice has carried through to modern Protestant Christian society.

Answer #12

Bigots trying to use religion to justify their hatred is nothing new, you will continue to see this used to spread hate.

Answer #13

I’d like to know why too… agree with you =)

Answer #14

It isn’t it is actually quite complicated.

Answer #15

what yumiyukai said.

Answer #16

actually, she did the in the belief that women wouldn’t carry through in bis3xual acts.

Sounds like an interesting place to live, I wouldn’t mind visiting when I get the chance.

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