What's the most effective way to get toned abs in 2 weeks?

I am going on vacation in about 2-3 weeks, and it’s gonna be bikini time all the time! haha. I’m not fat, but I’m also not toned, so what are the most effective exercises and eating habits to be able to get toned abs and obliques in the shortest amount of time possible? (ie. 2-3 weeks)

Answer #1

sit ups and presss ups I would think

knock off 100 of each per day and youll be looking like kate hudson in no time…

ok it might take summet more to get to this girls look but it will help

oh and do some squats too…

swimming is great for toning too ;)

Answer #2

It is absolutely impossible to tone up with nice cut abs in two weeks, if you are not cut already. The minimum is around 6 weeks I would say. sorrries (:

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