What's the difference between a Wiccan and Pagan?

…between wiccan and pagan?

Answer #1

oh so one is like a branch of from the other

Answer #2

I mean no disrespect, but are any of you a wicken? Or a pagan? I can’t remember wich branch but paginisum is one of the first religions… You all also seem to forget that… shaminisam and druidism are two of the erlist forms of religion and they are both a pagan branch, I can’t remember who said it but someone said that there are erler forms of religion agian I mean no disrespect but you are woung. I’ve done my research you guys might want to do the same be fore you start jumping down everyones throts

Answer #3

a Wiccan is someone of the Wicca (witchcraft) religion. Pagan is someone of a group of minor mostly new age religions. . . . All Wiccans are pagans but not all pagans are wiccans.

Answer #4

Halo - Symbol of Radiant aura Surrounding some people considered to be Holy. Became popular in medeval art and also seen in Greco-Roman art.

Answer #5

There is a very distinct difference.

Wicca is(for the most part) a Pagan’s involvement in witchcraft. Not necessarily bad, or not necessarily good. Just witchcraft. It is a DERISION of Paganism. DO NOT FORGET THAT! Back in ancient times LONG predating even the idea of Christianity or other mainstream western religions, there were Wiccans and Pagans, because we have beliefs that come directly from the ancient Egyptian religion, without changing a thing. We are in the handful of the only true religions left.

Anyways, back in those days, Wiccan’s were considered “evil”, regardless of their individual beliefs, and were burned on the stake undoubtedly. Very sad, yes, but true story. Everybody treated Pagans and Wiccans alike, although they are completely different. I mean, every Wiccan is Pagan, but not every Pagan is Wiccan, y’know?

But there are many derisions of Paganism. It would behoove you to research that, if you haven’t already.

There is an intersting movie that I belive a lot of Pagans would be interested in, as I was myself. It is the “Zeitgeist” movie, and it consists of 3 parts. 1-Completely debunking Christianity and its relatives. 2-The “War of Terrorism” and the truth of 911. 3-The federal reserve and the flaws of the banking community.

I don’t know if any of you have seen “ZeitGeist” already, but you can find it here , and if the link is dead, go to www.zeitgeistmovie.com.

It will change your world.

Answer #6

Burning people - Druidism Early Witchcraft and Various old European Religion plus Some early american. Killing babies - Ashtar, Baal, Also practiced amount the Anient Greeks and early Romans and pre roman Italy. You really need to study your history. As you said “ Osiris impregnates Isis - the virgin mother who gives birth to son of god who is a savior of man” How was Isis a virgin if Osiris impregnated her? and she gave rebirth to Osiris. . . I know that one well. And Catholics do have a “ Goddess” of sorts. . . The virgin Mother. If you do some real deep studying you will find that a lot of beliefs of the Ancient pagans are based on anient prophecy. And The burning time was not a sacrifice burning it was an uneducated ( all though they were the most educated of there time.) cleansing. Most of your Organised ( Not all.) pagan religions are considered occults. Even witchcraft. . . . Guess what. . . thats a cult.

Answer #7

* because we have beliefs that come directly from the ancient Egyptian religion.

Can you prove that With actual documented proof??

Answer #8
  1. Burning people was a practice that was implemented by Religion fanatics to eradicate heretics. For example - Catholics persecuted ‘non-believers’ this way, and the Protestants followed, persecuting people who had a view of religion slightly different to theirs [after King Henry the Fourth’s reign, that is]
  • Note: Burning can be associated with initiations into cults. Not Pagan related.
  1. Killing babies? Well, that can be slotted into the category of SATANISM. Remember - Satanism, like Christianity, has vast ‘denominations’, so not ALL Satanists do that kind of thing.

Thirdly, Paganism can be traced back to Babylonia - which incorporates the whole ‘virgin mother gives birth to son of god’ image. So, Christianity isn’t original in that idea - after all, Egyptians used the same concept in their beliefs as well [Osiris impregnates Isis - the virgin mother who gives birth to son of god who is a savior of man] The main difference of course between Pagan and Christianity is that Catholics who were total sexists eliminated the whole idea of women being divine, and instead casted them the role of ‘original sin’.

Poor Adam & Eve, they get blamed for everything.

Any other questions, queries, complaints???

Answer #9

christainity doesnt come from paganism but when they were trying to convert people they interdouced pagan ( and other religons) symbols I cant remember any atm but I do remember they got halos from somewhere…

Answer #10

Pagan isn’t new age!!! It’s one one of the oldest religions around actually, dating back a few thousand years before Christianity… in fact Christianity’s [and several other religions] beliefs are based upon & owe their origins to Paganism ^_^

Answer #11

Older? I wonder when they Burn people as an offering to the gods or kill babys and place them in a jar which is sealed up in a wall to there home to protect it. Hey Those were Anient Pagan practices that are older than Christianity Do pagans still do that? Not that I know of. . . so we get Neo pagans a new type with new religious beliefs. I’ve heard the old story of how Christianity was a product of pagan religions but no one ever really proved it. Yes everyone knows the Cathelics placed Holidays by Pagan holidays but How Does Christianity come from Paganism oh wise one.

Answer #12

Not really Pagan is considered any religion not of judean origin.

Answer #13

The word “pagan” is very broad and covers many different faiths–Wicca, Asatru, Eygyptian, etc.
Wicca is a specific religion.

Answer #14

I learnt something new ^.~


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