Becoming wiccan?

I’ve thought about it for a couple months now and I’ve decide that I would like to become wiccan. So any info on becoming wiccan is awesome. Thanks

Answer #1

I have been interested in wicca as well. there are many great books at the local library. Wiccans are not satanists. They honor mother earth and originate from paganism.

Answer #2

hey—wiccans—what do you believe? I have no idea.

Answer #3

Whats wiccan?

Answer #4

I’d say keep thinking about it. A couple months isn’t really a long enough time to change religions.

Answer #5

I’m not changing a religion I don’t have one,yet

Answer #6

it’s a religion

Answer #7 this site is very informative, and includes a link to help find a local coven.

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