For Wiccans, Three Fold Law...

For Wiccans, Three Fold Law…

I was first taught about the three folds law when I started learning Wicca beliefs. But now I am finding references in a book called “Witch Crafting” calling the three fold law as wrong. Using the arguments, such as, it states you can not use magic on some one with out there permission, but if you know a sick person that does not like Wicca or magic and you want to help them, they say no, so doing so would result in punishment by the three fold law, is this true?

What do you, as Wiccans, or even none Wiccans think?

Personally I think the book has it right, in that you do not cast magic for good in fear of being punished in 3 fold, but because you see the Divine in every thing and refuse to bring harm to it! That makes much more since to me!

Answer #1

I think the 3- fold lore works and that it makes you stop and think about stuff before you do it, so even if you don’t believe the 3 - fold lore it’s a good theory. Un less all you care about is evil stuff and don’t mind being sent to prison

Answer #2

I would agree that the book would have it right. you do not want to use magic on someone who refuses it. Because since they do not accept it, it will be rejected from them, and you will have used your magic against their will. Which is kind of bad.. like forcing your beliefs on them, which kinda hurts them you know.

I understand why wicca is probably very interesting to you, but you should be aware that they made it up in the 60s and true pagans and older witch believers do not really agree with it. Maybe you should look into older teachings.

Answer #3

I know all about the history of Wicca, and I do study older Pagan teachings. But just because something is new does not mean it should be pushed aside and ignored!

Answer #4

Edit: You do not cast magic for evil for fear if being punished in 3 fold*

Answer #5

Know all about wicca, aye tell me how is a wiccan & witch different &/or a like

& really, I don’t believe in the 3 fold law, I’m more of your scientific type. What goes around comes around. It’s all about what you do & what you put out. You reap what you sow.

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