What is the difference between them?

Whats the difference between a pentacle and a pentagram?? And are they like wiccan or satanic or what?

Answer #1

I used to be a real satanist not one of these wanna b witches or a anton levey life style satanists , and a pentacle is used 4 protection from unclean spirits, if you look at it, it is shaped exactally like how god made yur flesh it has one point for yur head and 4 points for yur limbs and its funny like that , but a pentagram is used for demon ionvokations, but I’ll be honest neither is good and you cant run forever, just return to the one who created u.

Answer #2

baldwinwolf that is pretty close how ever just flipping it will not make it satanic or dark, it also has to be drawn in the opposite direction. Pagans have used inverted pentagrams to reverse spells, which make since.

Answer #3

pentacles and pentagrams are pretty much the same thing, it really depends on which type of magic you are doing. I have seen 5 and 6 pointed stars used in various rituals-wiccans use pentagrams .

satanism has utilized the inverted pentagram in much the same way as it uses the inverted christian cross, but wicca and satanism are not related- I am a wiccan and I do not follow christ nor believe in their devil.

Answer #4

doesnt a pentacle have no ring around it and I think pentacles are associated with wicca and pentagrams are associated with satanism but im not sure

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