Answer #1

There are other people with pegan beliefs.

Answer #2

That wasn’t the question too. I just wondered if there was any other pagans on this site :(

Answer #3

First of all… what is YOUR definition of a Pagan?

Answer #4

I don’t think I said that..?

Answer #5

Uh huh… Well yeah, there are others.


Answer #6

I’m Pagan and I’m not scared to admit it. I like being Pagan - I think it’s less controlling than some other religions.

Answer #7

Yeah, but there’s not ONE Pagan religion… that’s why I asked.

Answer #8

I just wondered if there was any other pagans

…right… AGAIN… what is your definintion of Pagan? The word means different things to different people.

Answer #9

By Pagan, I guess he means the religion, not the general definition of ‘people who don’t believe in Christian G-d,’ or whatever it is.

Answer #10

Yes I’m a witch and very proud to call myself a pagan .I have been pagan for many many years .I have 2 witch daughters and 2 granddaughters . Paganism is a beautiful unique religion.

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