Which of the "Big Cats" can't climb trees?

Out of Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Leopards, Jaguars and Panthers

Answer #1

All of the big cats can climb trees, some (like the tiger) just isn’t very good at it.

Answer #2

Thanks, I always thought some of them couldn’t, Everytime I watch Big cat diary on animal planet I only ever hear of the Leopards been in the tree

Answer #3

Leopars climb trees the most to protect themselves from other animals stealing their foods, but you’ll often find lions in trees as well as Jaguars and Panthers (Tigers are the ones who rarely climb trees)

Answer #4

although all of the big cats CAN climb trees some of them like lions, cheetahs, and tigers hardly ever climb trees. They will if they have to but lions live in africa where trees are normally leopard territory

Answer #5

i thought lions cannot climb treas ><?

Answer #6

Actually they often climb trees, especially in the heat of the day where they rest. If you google images with lions in trees you will see that it isn’t a rare occurrence.

Answer #7

Big cat diary <3. Pretty much my favorite show.

Answer #8

Lions & tigers are the only two not built for climbing, although they still can

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