What kind of meat is pepperoni ?

What kind of meat is pepperoni ?? like which animal does it come from.. or is it a combination of meats or something ?…Just wondering lol.. Xo:)

Answer #1

Youre all wrong. the reason this question was posed in the first place is because its the only sausage that never says what it is, mainly because its on Pizza all the time. Its Horsemeat. Northern protestaant countries (for some reason) dont wish to know this, thats all. We still eat horse!

Answer #2

its made of pig buttox I think.

Answer #3

I think pepperoni is some kind of sausage. yeah I bet it is a combination of meats like hotdogs and sausages or something like that. um cow, pig, one of those I bet.

Answer #4

It’s a type of salami, usually made from spiced, cured pork, but sometimes made from beef. It’s not a combination of meats.

Answer #5

Its Salami

Answer #6

Sometimes it is pork, sometimes it is beef

Answer #7

I think beef or pork

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