How different is the taste of alligator meat compared to chicken or beef?

I’ve heard it said that alligator meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and even contains muscle-building protein, more than beef or chicken.

Answer #1

it’s more chewey. it’s got like, a kind of musky taste/smell. i’ve only had it fried, but it’s pretty good. it’s more like chicken, nothing like beef.

Answer #2

It’s close to chicken, but it is a tougher meat. It’s more chewy. It’s doesn’t contain any more benefits than chicken, in fact it is unhealthier than chicken.

Answer #3

I’ve tried octopus meat and sounds similar to alligator meat, thanks. Hopefully I’ll be able to try alligator one day.

Answer #4

I’ve read that game meats are higher in protein, less calories, fat and cholesterol. I’d like to give alligator meat a try one day, thanks for the description.

Answer #5

nooo octopus is like my favorite, octopus is more chewey.

Answer #6

Game meat can be healthier, but it depends on what the animal you eat digests. Alligators eat meat and meat eaters have unhealthier meat.

Answer #7

Alligator is like chicken just chewy and it’s nothing at all like beef so if you like chicken you will more than Lilly like alligator

Answer #8

sounds good, thanks

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