What kind of lotion would I be able to put on my labia?

So I’m sure most people are gonna say none, but I mean its driving me crazy. I just quit my period yesterday, and I always use pads. And normally my skin always gets irritated from them. My mom won’t let me use tampons because my ‘hymen’ which I don’t even have one. And I mean its SO dry and extremely itchy, is there any type of lotion that would be okay to use? Or anything I could do to help the dry skin? And also when I shave down there, I usually get dry in some places, but that’s managable! The pads just make me sooo dry, and I don’t know what else to tell my mom. Any help please?

Answer #1

Wow that’s a toughy seeing as I go through the same thing. Except I can’t wear tampons because I have Endometrioses and when I where a tampon it hurts sometimes. But I always use baby oil and vasoline. I mean it hasn’t bothered me any and doctors say you can use them for lubes. So I use it. It works most of the time.

Answer #2

They sell lubricants at the store, just for the genital area…maybe pick a tube? I dont’ think there’s an age limit on them.


Answer #3

phrannie is correct. Get some ky jelly, that will help.

What you could also do is to switch to another brand of pads. Sometimes one brand irritates you and another doesn’t. And don’t use perfumed pads.

Answer #4

don’t use any petrleum based product (e.g. Vasoline), look for water based solutions. Maybe a hydrocortisone cream, or even something like Gold Bond but be sure and read the instructions first and make sure they aren’t contraindicated for your “area”. I would say if it says to keep away from your nose then it would apply to labial tissue as well

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