What kind of bra should I wear?

I have a backless dress for my boyfriend’s prom and I need a special adhesive bra to wear with it. They’re really expensive, like 50 dollars. But there’s like an alternative thing. It’s like cup things that stick to you I guess? Does anyone know what I’m talking about or if these things actually work?

Answer #1

well I can’t wear just a strapless one because it’s a backless dress. that’ll show. I wish it were just that easy.

Answer #2

you can also use a strapless bra it still clasps in the back like a normal one and you can pick up the bra you were refering to at walmart I have seen them there. that will be the leaste exspesive place to find them

Answer #3

Yup, they work… I have to use them for dance all of the time, also there not that expensive!! Also, if you want to (I do this sometimes… only when I’m desperate) if you have any slip bras take the padding out of them, or out of your swimsuit top or something… weird I know, but it works.

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