What kind of bra?

I’m going to a school dance next wednesday and I’m wearing this awesome black tube top. Problem is that I don’t know what kind of bra to wear. Should I go with normal or strapless. If I wear strapless, I’m a little nervous people won’t even think I’m wearing a bra! Help

Answer #1

ok I went to a dance last night (homecoming) and I wore strapless. I had it as tight as possible then notice it dissapeared. It was at my waist I had to take it off and put it in my friends locker. NOT COOL!!! Wear one with those see through straps

Answer #2

Definitely get a strapless bra. The whole idea is getting the right fit and the right kind, when you go to the store (if you feel comfortable) then ask an employee there what kind of strapless bra she would recommend for the top (bring it with you) and then try different ones on with the shirt. It won’t look like you don’t have a bra if you’ve got the right kind and fit, no worries.

Answer #3

wear a strapless. your dress won’t look half as nice with white bra straps showing.

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