What is your favorite video game?

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If I were to choose only one game it would be Canis Canem Edit for the PS2. In my opinion, it is good for both boys and girls. It's not some game that you complete in one day, but it shouldn't take a lifetime either. Best of all, you get to play a very bad boy versus life at an unfriendly and very time challenging boarding school. It's hilarious, the things you can do.

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Metroid prime1, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess...you're not cool until you play those. lol♥

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My fav game has to be between Gears of War and Army of Two. Watz yours?

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wii - MARIO PARTY 8, Guitar hero and Rock Band are awesome too!! and I LOVE American Idol... tho I not much of the singer! :D Cooking Mama is fun... tho I kinda got bored of it :P and I'm currently obessed with DJ Max on PSP!!! =]

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bomber man probably.
for nintendo.
or, cod4 for, xbox.

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gears of war and rockband

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gears of war and rockband

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Action Devil May Cry and Assasins Creed +Half-Life
Adventure Black mirror
Sport Top Spin
Puzzle Crazy Machines 2 + Minesweeper

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Hmmm I don't play video games anymore=(

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the legend of zelda games, all the half-life games and starfox =D

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1st Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
2nd Metroid prime 2
3rd Bioshock

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happy Wheels unblocked is One of my favorite and I often play it on

Happy Wheels Unblocked - Top 1️⃣ games for students
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