What's your favorite video game?

What’s your favorite videogame? Any suggestions for PC or PS2 games? :D

My favorite is the Sims 2 for the PC… And I really loved Bully for PS2.

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Answer #2

Halo is awesome… runescape is BORING. x]

Answer #3

The Sims 2 is defiantly a great game especially if you download some add on’s for it. Like different cars and what not.

Answer #4

Serious Sam.

Although I don’t know if they ever released that on PS2, I’ve always been a computer person.

Answer #5

runescape is pretty good for pc here’s the address http://www.runescape.com/

sarry i was playin so it’s at a login window.

Answer #6

ahhh resident evil is freakayyy. whatever, i’ll make my friend play it so i can watch. :D

Answer #7

halo 3!!

Answer #8

fifa 2008

Answer #9

Serious Sam? cool. =]

Yeaaa I love the Sims so much. xD

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