Favorite video game?

What’s your favorite video game so far and why? Mine has to be call of duty 4 it just rocks haha

Answer #1

My favourite game is Canis Canem Edit (PS2). I love it so much because I get to do really bad things. Hit cops with slingshots, punch girls in the face (don’t over-react, I just think it’s funny in the game, besides I am a girl), steal from peoples lockers, have food fights without getting into trouble, drive a go-cart around town, sneak into the girl’s dorm and steal their underwear (Lol!), throw marbles at people’s feet, smash up cars, skateboard down the school corridors, give nerds swirlies/head-flushes, give little kids wedgies, egg the buildings and loads more. it seems to bring out my devilish side. Lol! Play this game, seriously. You’ll love it.

Answer #2

haha call of duty 4 is pretty tight and easy! but halo 2 is my all time favorite it was just fun cause I played with all my friends on xbox live haha good times

Answer #3

Silent Hill 2 and Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas :)

Answer #4

I like the Halo series, very fun. =]

Answer #5

I like the grand theft auto games. my faevorite are GTA vice city, san andreas, and GTA 3

Answer #6

lol I get hooked on my bros GTA I’ve!

Answer #7

GTA SAN ANDREAS. GTA 4 wasnt as big as san andreas but it was funner

Answer #8

gta 4 or guitar hero. theyre both really fun

Answer #9

Call of Duty 4 is pretty sweet. I do enjoy it.

Answer #10

Call of duty 4 is a great game. So is Halo- my absolute favorite!

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