What is your favorite pokemon video game?

Which is your favorite from original red to the new release of heart gold/soul silver

Answer #1

I loved Crystal lol. :)

Answer #2

my favorites are sapphire and blue. used to spend abnormal amounts of time trying to find that damned pikachu in that forest lol but on sapphire I had the cutest Aipom named T.J good times…good times…

Answer #3

My favorite will always be yellow. It waqs the first game to get me to like pokemon. Also you get all 3 starter pokemon and pikachu.

Answer #4

I personally favor leafgreen/firered, as it re-introduces the old starters, has the legendary dogs, and what’s more, the ELITE 4 ARE ACTUALLY CHALLENGING.

Answer #5

for the old games my favourite is pokemon yellow because thats the game I grew up playing over 6 hours a day I cant decide what my favoutite new pokemon game is because there all great

Answer #6

Never played one, actually. I feel like I should go get a DS just so I don’t miss out such a big pop-culture lynchpin.

Answer #7


…is this a bad thing?

Answer #8

I haven’t gotten the remake of Silver or Gold yet, but Silver was my favorite as a kid.

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