Whats your favorite video game?

What is your favorite video games…I have a few of my own. I love kingdom hearts 1 and 2, all tomb raider games, tony hawk 1-8, final fantasy x, all ps2&3 games. I was in love with jak and daxter, 2 and 3 for a while lol and the sims 2 for pc only <3 mario for nintendo, gameboy and wii <33 By the way I’ve passed all of these and the hardest were the tbr >.<

Answer #1

P.C - pacman, space invaders, classic games

wii- super mario galaxy, house of the dead, rampage, paper mario,

ps2- driving games, shooting games

ds- super mario bros, mario kart, zelda, brain training

Answer #2

For my PS2 the game I play most would be Canis Canem Edit. I also have Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time for the PS1 which is my favourite PS1 game at the moment. My Nintendo DS game Cooking Mama 2 is probably my favourite DS game. For the GBA it would be Pokemon (all of them because I can’t decide). And lastly, for my laptop my favourite game is Pet Vet. I think I’m a game-oholic. Lol. :oD

Answer #3

Depends on the system =)

For PC, I like MMOs like EVE, WoW and I’m looking forward to Warhammer.

For my Wii, I like the interactive stuff, like Wii Fit and Super Mario Galaxy.

And for my DS, I play lots of Sims-type stuff, like MySims and Sims: Castaway.

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