What is your biggest wish in life?

Could be anything

Answer #1

To have superpowers, all the ones on heros. Like Peter.

Answer #2

I want to find my true love, and be ready for him.

I want to raise kids that KNOW I love them.

I want to have amazing friends.

I want to be an amazing friend.

I want to experience life.

Answer #3

To be an ADVISOR!!!No but my wish is to be closer to God

Answer #4

To be happy

Answer #5

my life is pritty much perfect atm… I am 16… have absolutly no wurries abt my look… at the end of the day im a nyce girl… realy down to earth… totaly crazy… and fun… im in a happy relaionship with my gawjus boyfriend who I love to peices… and yeh… if ya live in the rotherham/sheffield area get back to me because I love meetin new people… your all crazzy… mwah x x x

Answer #6

thank you everyone for answering :)

I enjoyed your answers mine is to get my money that I am waiting for

Answer #7

for him to love me back and my dad to get better

Answer #8

me and my loved ones to be happy

Answer #9

I would love to be able to change my past.

Answer #10

Right now.. for me to do well in school. And graduate and yeh:]

But overall in life? I wish for everyone to be healthy and live long! and for me to succeed in lifee. l0l

Answer #11

for everyone to love each other

that way people can accomplish so much more instead of destroy so much

Answer #12

That feuds would end… at least for a couple of months… Wait… that would mean debates would end… NOOO! I love debates! I really don’t know.. Um… maybe I could replay the best moment in my life again and again and again… Or change embarrassing things that happenned to me. Either one of the two. Britz

Answer #13

to meet my favorite musican but that’s never going to happen

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