What is your biggest dream to ever do in your life???

When I grow up I want to buy a speed boat and go to England. Where do you want to do? Random but im just curious

Answer #1

I wanna become a Wnba player bc I love basketball and I am very good at it and I love the sport

Answer #2

biggest dream would probably be to become a world renowned author and musician. But that’s only a dream and is unlikely to happen. :S

Answer #3

to became a vet and to get married and have kids I know that is 2 but that is very important to me :))

Answer #4

Random questions are always fun to answer too :)

When I grow up, would love to own my own home right next to the ocean or river with my own personal jetty in the backyard, with this fine looking boat parked at the rear of my house hehehehe.


Awww, it’s so nice to dream ;)

Answer #5

Well, I dream to be successful and become a counselor. I also dream to get married and start a family someday.

Answer #6

To some day go hang gliding, play guitar, go snowboarding, and getting married and starting a family. :] the first three were things I have never gotten the chance to do yet.

Answer #7

it will happen/(:

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