What would you wish for with 1 wish

If you could have 1 wish what would you wish for? The wish must be for you and can not effect peoples free will and can not be for money

Answer #1

I would wish to be with Marti forever <3

Answer #2

to have more wishes duh!

Answer #3

to be a billionarie

Answer #4

For rad-asss hair~~~

Answer #5

I wud wish for more wishes haha or to be married to edward cullen hah

Answer #6

I aleady have a fulfilling life but to win the lottery would help a lot.

Answer #7

to be happyyy


Answer #8

to be a vampirre!

Answer #9

To be happy and live life to thee full :D

ahah cheesy much ;) x

Answer #10

that I could be a great and faithful christian. ^_^

Answer #11

I would wish for more wishes then wish for someone to be with me forever.

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