ever wish you could re-do your life and start from scratch?

do you ever wish you could re-do your life and start from scratch? maybe you could have been a better/smarter person because of all the mistakes you’ve made in your life right now…and youre not satisfied with the one you have..

Answer #1

I’ve made some pretty horrible mistakes in my life, however I don’t think I’d want to start over again! Life is about growth, and we can not grow if we do not make mistakes! Mistakes make us humble, once we are humble we are open to ideas we otherwise wouldn’t accept, when we accept new ideas we may come accross healthier ways of approaching a similiar struggle, or whatever it was that provoked the mistake in the first place! For example I had a past of drinking to the point where I had no where to go but to recover, had I not gone through this experience, I couldn’t help those inflicted by addictions presently, I wouldn’t have gotten the courage to ask for forgivness for those I’ve hurt and provide forgivness for those who have hurt me … these are all things to much pride restricted me from doing, and thus drinking myself to a place where I had nothing but to recover was a necessary part of my growth … I will continue to make mistakes and will hopefully continue learning as that’s what life is all about …

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

Answer #2

no… shyt happens life goes on there’s a reason yu are who you r!

Answer #3

id keep mine even though I dis like a bit of it id rather have mine that start a whole new one to keep the time, I would really love to keep my ex girlfriends but im happy now

Answer #4

No, I would not want to re-do my whole life, but if I was given the oppurtunity to go back and change some things, I’m not really sure if I would or not. I like the way things are right now, but things could be better, so I am kind of stuck in the middle on this one.

Answer #5

There’s things I would do differently, but overall I’m ok with the decisions I’ve made and the things I’ve done.

Answer #6

I love the life I have now, but If I could go back and change somethings, then Yes I would. I would be more of a sponge.

Answer #7

YES!!! I wish that everyday!

Answer #8

No I wouldn’t go back. Yes there are some things I wish would have went differently, but I believe everything happens for a reason. All of the obstacles you go through in your life just help make you a stronger person.

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